■ Space plan / Construction

Design - design by 83


Location - 1F, 10-3, Daegongwon-ro 207beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea 

Design Period - 12. 2021

Function - Dessert cafe 

Area - 96m2

Photographer - Donggyu Kim


Designed by studio “designby83," based in Busan, Korea, SSAP offers pastries and coffee and is located next to Ulsan's Grand Park.

The client asked us for a vintage and hip space. We tried to convey a space where the history and traces of the original space can coexist. Unlike conventional vintage and hip images, we came up with our own interpretation of the space including sustainability.

Despite the passage of time, we thought about the design with hopes that it would last and continue to deepen.

In the process of demolishing the interior of the interior space, consisting of exposed rough concrete walls, worn-out floor tiles, cold metal windows and simple glass windows, almost all structural elements were intentionally left intact.

The interior space is put together so that you can feel the natural changes of concise and physical properties by including relaxed arrangements and artificial decorations as much as possible.

It creates a two-sided and harmonious atmosphere with the intention to feel visual comfort and cynicism simultaneously within the vertical line of warm wood and metal.

It is also designed to form an organic relationship with this space form acrylic lighting. The cafe uses a focal color of red for cabinets, chairs, bakery showcases, and raceways, where minor electric circuits pass.

This takes into account the sensibility of the MZ generation, which is characterized by pursuing an unusual experience different from the existing trend, and at the same time, maintaining the familiarity and comfort for those who remember this place.

The exterior is created so that it blends with the original old red brick.

It emphasizes the neatness of the facade's expansion of the horizontal long rectangular space and visually separates it with wood adding depth, and metalㅡa material that is unlikely to change.

The main door where customers come in and the heavy doors installed for ventilation are made of zinc steel sheets.

In addition, the windows with visible inside are closed with regular intervals of birch plywood, so that the inside atmosphere is naturally harmonized.

We designed this place to have a vibe unique to SSAP by unifying the relationship between the interior and the exterior space (form/texture/color/ atmosphere).


Tt(Thanks to) is a lifestyle design studio.

We design objects from experiences within the nature and everyday surroundings.

The natural beauty from various materials and the Concerns about sustainability us to our endless creativity.

As time goes by, I hope that it will be someone's fun life beyond valuable products.

The “SSAP” furniture focuses on its properties and characteristics, which is represented through the use of materials.

made only in a prefabricated manner to express the beauty brought by precise and delicate dot, line, and shape.

approached the design with concerns about materials and fastening methods, and I was inspired by the assembly method of wood furniture.

The surface of the furniture was finished differently to maximize the rough texture and cold lines brought by the material.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.