■ Space plan 


Design - design by 83


Location - 5, Yeonmujang 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea   

Design Period - 11. 2023

Function - Fashion shop 

Area - ≒120m2

Photographer - Donggyu Kim

The Insilence Seongsu store, our second flagship store following Hannam-dong, celebrates the theme of ‘Rebuild.’ This new store showcases Insilence’s bold step away from the conventional, weaving together new connections and expanding in diverse forms and strategies. 

It reflects a blend of the old and the new, capturing the essence of the Seongsu area. 

The space, once an industrial factory, now artistically presents the brand’s mood using raw and innovative materials in unconventional layouts and pathways. 

The overall ambiance, with its mix of aged concrete floors and walls, metals, PC panels, carpets, and special paint, showcases a diverse range of textures, yet is cohesively presented in a singular tone of grey. 

Each fixture is strategically placed, embodying a sense of mass, yet carefully designed to avoid a cumbersome look through the use of thin finishes and diverse materials. 

The space, crafted from an array of materials, is designed to resemble a unified artistic work, embodying the brand’s mood in Seongsu-dong, renowned for the MZ generation’s boundless possibilities. 

As you enter the store, an irregular path unfolds, leading to asymmetrical furniture pieces arranged artfully, giving the impression of being in an art gallery. 

The furniture, designed to be mobile, is intended for future use as a catering area. 

The lighting rails on the ceiling are intricately designed, featuring lines that subtly hint at the layout of the fixtures, contributing to a thoughtful and cohesive aesthetic.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.