■ Space plan / Construction

Design - design by 83

Client - VIKEN HUS

Location - 10, Jungang-daero 196beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Design Period - 10. 2023

Function - Burger shop

Area - 260m2

Photographer - Donggyu Kim

The restaurant was conceptualized as a Viking’s home, and the overall mood was designed to reflect the same theme. 

Upon entering the first floor, guests are welcomed by an iconic visual display. 

On the second floor, a stained-glass window with a vintage European aesthetic displays a Viking vessel 

sailing in the chilly ocean straightforwardly. The area beyond the stairs is separated into three distinct sections. 

The first area showcases a ship-shaped table, which symbolizes space. 

The table serves as a metaphor for the buffet culture that allegedly traces back to the Vikings. 

We thought that although this form could be perceived as a bit one-dimensional, it could be an element that customers would love. 

We didn't just want it to be an eye-catcher, so we wanted it to be prefabricated to intensify the sensation of constructing an actual ship. 

Past the shipshaped table and through the door on the right 

Past the shipshaped table and through the door on the right 

lies the second area - a contemporary interpretation of the Vikings’ clustered dwellings. 

Columns providing the foundational support for the ceiling and 

contemporary metallic materials between them express disparate yet intricate details. 

The bottom of the columns is decorated with imitation leather cushions for the safety of younger customers. 

The counters, service tables, display cases, and doors are made in a similar style. The digital signage on 

top of the display illuminates sign fonts that turn blue in the evening, giving it a trendy vibe.

The private third area is a calm and luxurious space that is different from the bright other two areas. 

To achieve this goal, the furniture is crafted with more comfortable materials and designs than that of other 

areas, allowing customers to relax and enjoy the space without discomfort. In general, each section has a distinct furniture design, and objects and 

accessories are arranged to complement the overall concept. 

The walls were finished with European plaster, while the floor was tiled with a variety of 

sizes and patterns to add dimension and prevent a flat appearance to the space.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.

Copyright ⓒ 2022 designby83 All rights reserved.